Terry McCartney and Christopher Stucky founded McCartney Stucky LLC to offer advanced legal representation to clients experiencing catastrophic injury and encountering intricate legal matters. The firm’s attorneys, located in Kansas City and New York, possess a collective 40 years of experience in managing cases related to catastrophic injury and wrongful death. McCartney Stucky prioritizes delivering top-tier legal services to its clients and specializes in product liability cases such as heavy truck and automobile crashworthiness, along with automobile accidents, consumer product liability, premises liability, and nearly all aspects of catastrophic injury cases.

Why hire McCartney Stucky?

McCartney Stucky’s attorneys and team of legal professionals passionately advocate for each client and prioritize understanding the details of their injuries. Whether conducting extensive research on a company’s heavy truck safety practices or grasping the liability of harmful new consumer products, the team at McCartney Stucky dedicates the hard work necessary to comprehend and resolve our clients’ challenges. McCartney Stucky LLC takes pride in its commitment to always act in the client’s best interest.

Founding members Terry McCartney and Christopher Stucky are widely regarded as among the top plaintiffs’ attorneys in heavy truck crashworthiness litigation. Their extensive experience and industry knowledge provide a distinct advantage for clients injured by a defective heavy truck. McCartney Stucky avoids cutting corners, leveraging each team member’s strengths to ensure optimal results for clients.

Whether directly engaging with experts or meticulously examining statements and medical records in catastrophic injury cases, McCartney Stucky attorneys are diligent in their approach, striving to surpass clients’ expectations.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of legal practice, including rapid technological advancements, McCartney Stucky attorneys embrace these developments to deliver exceptional work and results.

McCartney Stucky LLC views justice as more than a theoretical notion but as the fusion of integrity and creativity to delve deep and resolve clients’ real issues. Utilizing their trial experience and legal acumen, McCartney Stucky seeks justice for injured clients by holding wrongdoers accountable and securing full and equitable compensation for them.