Terry McCartney and Christopher Stucky established McCartney Stucky LLC to provide sophisticated legal representation for clients facing complex and life-altering legal issues. The firm’s Kansas City and New York based attorneys offer a combined 40 years of experience handling cases involving serious injury and wrongful death. McCartney Stucky is committed to providing the highest level of legal service to our valued clients. McCartney Stucky specializes in heavy truck and automobile crashworthiness, automobile accidents, consumer product liability, premises liability, and virtually all areas of catastrophic loss.

McCartney Stucky’s attorneys and team of legal professionals are passionate about their work on behalf of each client and prioritize the details of each client’s injury. Whether it requires extensive research on a company’s heavy truck safety practices, expertise on the standard of care for medical practice, or understanding the liability of injurious new consumer products, the team at McCartney Stucky puts in the hard work necessary to best understand and solve the problems our clients face. McCartney Stucky LLC is proud of its commitment to always act in the client’s best interest.

Founding members Terry McCartney and Christopher Stucky are widely considered among the very best plaintiffs’ attorneys in the specialized field of heavy truck crashworthiness litigation. Their wealth of experience and industry knowledge in this area is a distinct advantage for clients injured by a defective heavy truck. Corners are never cut here, as McCartney Stucky plays to each individual member’s strengths to ensure the best results for our clients.

Whether it is direct involvement while working with experts or meticulously investigating statements and medical records in an injury case, McCartney Stucky attorneys are diligent in their work. It is their goal to exceed their clients’ expectations.

McCartney Stucky recognizes the ever-changing landscape in practicing law, including the rapid development of technology in the field. McCartney Stucky attorneys embrace the technology developments and utilize them to deliver exceptional work and results.

McCartney Stucky LLC views justice as more than an abstract concept, but as the combination of integrity and ingenuity to dig deep and resolve the real problems their clients face. McCartney Stucky utilizes its attorneys’ trial experience and understanding of the law to obtain justice for its injured clients by holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions and obtaining full and fair compensation for them.